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Spring Refresh

Oh ya, we're all anxious for spring which is only days away! We're getting some of our seedlings underway and looking forward to growing some amazing flowers and veggies for ourselves and the Mobile Market.

I like to think of ways I can refresh my home for Spring and maybe share some ideas with you! No, you don't have to run to Dollar Tree or a High end boutique to bring some freshness to your rooms. Remember, this is your Happy Space!

Simple Spring Flower Table Decor

Let's take one of the rooms that we congregate most often, the kitchen! Let's try to incorporate items that make you smile and feels like you. If you think of all the colors of spring: pinks, yellows, oranges, purples, greens - you can easily place little splashes of these colors throughout your table, countertops etc.... Simple items can be added to your present decor to bring a fresh look to your room that is low cost and super easy!!! The following are some great Kitchen Refresh Ideas that might inspire you in your kitchen space.

1) Put some greens (plants) in colorful pots (the greens bring the outdoors in)

2) Fresh fruit - (in a basket or bowl) - evokes a healthy feeling

3) Buy a new colorful tablecloth for the table (the following picture is what I chose for our table)

Cheerful spring tablecloth

4) Colorful rug in your kitchen area - makes for a cozy stylish upgrade

5) New dishtowels in bright yellows, oranges, greens....

6) Centerpiece with a tray and fresh flowers

7) Whimsical or inspirational wall art adds great color to the space. Most decorators print off artwork that goes with the room. I've added some sites that have free printables that might give you some ideas.

Just add a simple frame and it's a great pop of color.

* Burlap and Blue:

* Watercolor Flowers:

* ChicFetti:

* Little Gold Pixel:

Hope that some of these ideas will assist you in thinking about your kitchen space and adding a little color here and there to bring cheer and spring to your room!

Happy Spring Decorating!!

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